Natural Resource Management Strategy & Plan

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  • Update 1 (July 2019) - First Workshop Outcomes

    The NRM Working Group held their first workshop on Tuesday 25 June 2019, with 38 members in attendance.  The purpose of the first workshop was for the NRM Working Group members to get to know each other and appreciate the diversity of stakeholders within the group.  Their first task was to collectively create a list of principles they will follow when working together to achieve their overall purpose. 

    Council Officers collated all the NRM Working Groups recommendations into a list of Principles.  These Principles were then incorporated into a Draft Terms of Reference document which was distributed to the NRM Working Group members for comment.  Comments were received and incorporated into the final Natural Resource Management Working Group Terms of Reference document which was adopted by Council on 24 July. 

    A newsletter was created to summarise the activities and findings from the first workshop.  The NRM Working Group members will use this newsletter to disseminate information to the community members they are representing.  The newsletter and adopted Terms of Reference are available in the Document Library section to the right.