Natural Resource Management Strategy & Plan


Natural Resources are something that is found in nature (such as a sunlight, soil, minerals, water, air, forests and animals) and is valuable to humans (as in providing a source of food, energy, recreation, or scenic beauty).

Lockyer Valley’s NRM Strategy will identify our unique natural assets, threats to these assets and the strategic outcomes required to achieve the community’s aim of ensuring our region's natural assets are valued and protected. 

Lockyer Valley’s NRM Plan will be a 10-year plan that prioritises actions and assigns responsibilities and timeframes for each action, for both Council and the community to achieve the community’s aim of ensuring our region's natural assets are valued and protected. 

A strategy is a broad overarching document, which outlines high level outcomes intended to achieve a shared vision.  Our community's shared vision is identified in the Community Plan 2017-2027

A Plan is a more detailed document which assigns actions, responsibilities and timeframes required to achieve the high level outcomes listed in the strategy.

The NRM Plan will help Council and the community prioritise funding and resources towards on-ground actions which help us achieve the Community Plan’s aim of “ensuring our region's natural assets are valued and protected". 

See the “NRM Plan - Project Summary - Fact Sheet” document in the Key Documents for more information.

We are hoping that the Working Group will include a broad range of community representatives. 

For more information on how to register your expression of interest, and to see if you meet the eligibility criteria, please see the “NRM Plan project - EOI Process - Fact Sheet” document under Key Documents. 

The NRM Working Group’s main functions will include:

  • Sharing valuable expert local knowledge on the region's natural resource values, and threats to these values (both spatially and temporally), to ensure the accuracy and quality of the NRM Plan actions.
  • Ensuring the NRM Strategy and NRM Plan reflect the values and priorities of the whole community.
  • Collecting and disseminating information to and from the community members they are representing.
  • Promoting the region’s natural assets as “assets”.
  • Ensuring other strategies and plans are not duplicated.
  • Ensuring the NRM Strategy and NRM Plan are sustainable and able to be updated into the future.

The aim is to have the NRM Strategy completed by December 2019 and the more detailed NRM Plan completed by June 2020.

It is proposed that the NRM Strategy will have a 10-year duration with the more detailed NRM Plan being effective for 5 years, with actions prioritised and implemented over that time. Both documents will be periodically reviewed and revised.