Lockyer Valley Equine Precinct Business Case


The Lockyer Valley Equine Precinct is a plan to redevelop the Lockyer Valley Turf Club to create a multi-purpose multi-use racing, training and equine precinct, with supporting hospitality, event spaces and accommodation, capable of hosting a variety of national and international world class equine events.

The vision for the Lockyer Valley Racing and Equine Precinct is to “develop an equine precinct which is sustainable over the long term, and also supports the growth in thoroughbred racing, equine industries and associated businesses whilst generating additional jobs in the region and across South East Queensland.

The proposed Lockyer Valley Equine Precinct is located at the Lockyer Valley Turf Club on Spencer Street, Gatton.  The site has a combined area of approximately 54 hectares, owned by the Lockyer Valley Turf Club and Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

The Lockyer Valley Equine Collaborative (Collaborative) has been formed to develop and pursue the vision for the Lockyer Valley Equine Precinct. The Collaborative includes representatives from the following organisations:

  • Lockyer Valley Turf Club
  • Racing Queensland
  • Equestrian Queensland
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council
  • The University of Queensland (School of Veterinary Science)
  • Regional Development Australia (Ipswich and West Moreton)

There is no set timeframe for the project, as it is still in the early stages and is not funded or approved. The project will be staged to allow delivery over several years.

The Collaborative have appointed a team of consultants to develop a business case, due for completion in mid-2021.

The project will need to seek funding, go through a detailed design process and undertake additional studies, and then seek planning approval before any construction commences.

The facility has been designed to support use by racing and equine groups, but there are a range of facilities and spaces that will be available for the community to use or hire.  This could include spaces for functions, conferences community events and gathering as well as dining and parklands.

As the master plan is further refined, the full range of spaces and facilities will be confirmed. 

Concept plans have been prepared by TVS Architects for the proposed Lockyer Valley Equine Precinct. The concept plans include images showing the architectural vision for the new precinct. It is important to note that the concept plans are preliminary only and are subject to further detailed design, funding and approvals.

Detailed traffic engineering and management plans will be prepared as part of the further planning and design of the facility.  These plans will need to address any traffic or parking impacts associated with the operation and construction of the facility.

The facility will be designed have enough on-site parking for visitors, horse floats and other vehicles associated with events and race days.

One of the outputs of the business case will be to recommend a governance framework for the management, ownership and maintenance of the facility.

Once completed, it is expected the facility will have the ability to host 20 – 25 race events every year.  The program of equestrian events has not been confirmed. One of the key drivers for the project is to create a facility that can operate all year round and host equine and other community events outside race days.

The future relationship between the Gatton Showgrounds and the proposed Lockyer Valley Equine Precinct is still not known.  The Showground will continue to host community events and the agricultural show every year.  It is anticipated that some equestrian activities and events may relocate to the proposed facility, however this has not yet been determined.  It is also possible that the existing Equestrian Arena at the Gatton Showground may also continue to operate and provide a secondary venue for training and smaller events.

The relationship between the Gatton Showgrounds and the proposed Lockyer Valley Equine Precinct will be determined as the funding, staging and design of the new facility is confirmed.

If the new equine precinct were to proceed it would enable future growth in the racing industry and elements of equestrian with a vision for the future demands of these industry sectors over the 25 years.

Community consultation will be open from Thursday 11 March to Sunday 9 May 2021

Please contact project consultants, Ethos Urban, who operate on behalf of the Collaborative. 

Email: qldengagement@ethosurban.com


If the business case indicates a positive return on investment the collaborative partners would be putting the project to the State and Olympic Committee as an option for consideration.  

No funding has been committed to the project at this stage.  The business case currently being prepared will help to make funding applications and seek investors for its delivery and operation. 

It is not known how the project will be funded at this stage, and what, if any, financial contribution Council will make to its delivery and operation.  The community will continue to be informed as further planning and design is undertaken, including any implications to ratepayers.