Hatton Vale - Kensington Grove Regional Park - Master Plan

Project Overview

Council is working with a developer to secure appropriate land for a proposed regional park in the Hatton Vale-Kensington Grove area. The park is intended to provide a range of recreational facilities that meet the long term needs of, and reflect the environment in, this high growth part of the Lockyer Valley. Council notes that the park will need to be developed over a number of years to ensure sustainability and value-for-money.

Council seeks ideas and feedback from the local community towards the design of the park’s features and the stages of development. To maximise the effectiveness of your ideas and feedback, it is important to gain an understanding about the opportunities and limitations of the site. Please refer to our FAQs section for more information.

The Master Plan for the proposed park will need to consider the long term needs and aspirations of these growing communities and should demonstrate equity with the rest of the Lockyer Valley Region.

The proposed site for the park is 14 hectares of currently undeveloped flood-free land on a slightly sloping block. For more information on the site considerations refer to our FAQs section.

  • Regional Park Community Survey 2018

    Your responses will help us understand your views on the overall theme and purpose of the park, possible features, and how you and your family might use it. It is not a 'majority' vote, however we will take note of common and/or innovative themes .

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  • Sample Park Design This is an indicative design only, intended to promote discussion and interaction about the types of facilities a future park may include. The community is invited to indicate their preferred facilities, and the locations of them. Council will review the results to better understand the community's priorities and how different elements may interact, which balance, community preferences, safety, shared infrastructure, and a staged approach to developing the park.

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Update 3 - Phase 1 Consultation Ending Soon

The first phase of consultation, which focuses on the types of uses the community would like to see reflected in the design of the new park, is scheduled to close 31 January 2019. It will then go into an analysis phase where community feedback will be used to prepare initial designs. Further consultation will follow so that the community can review and comment on the proposed designs and provide more detailed ideas. 

Update 2 - Keep exploring this site

This consultation was launched on Friday 30 November at the Hatton Vale State School P&C Christmas Concert & Markets where we had some great conversations about the project. It's great to see people registering online and leaving their ideas on the Wall. Don't forget to explore the other parts of the project website as we ask different questions in different sections. Note that you can vote on other people's ideas in the Idea Wall and pin your ideas on the Interactive concept design. . 

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  • Community Consultation for Concept Design

    In this phase the local community is invited to provide their ideas, views, concerns and aspirations for the proposed parklands.