FOGO - Food Organics Garden Organics Trial

Project Overview

Lockyer Valley Regional Council was successful in receiving a $320,000 grant to roll out the trial Food Organics and Garden Organics (FOGO) collection system. The trial will include a total of almost 1000 homes in selected areas across both Gatton and Laidley.

Managing waste effectively is both a global and local issue and comes at considerable cost to communities which is why everyone needs to share responsibility.Our hope is that because of this trial, we will see a reduction in general waste that’s unnecessarily going into landfill.This small change in household bin use has the potential to divert almost all organic waste from landfill into usable compost.

The trial commenced in August 2021 and will occur over a 12 month period. See the FAQs section for more details.

We encourage you to explore this project page regularly as we add videos, links, articles and interactive elements including surveys.

*NEW* Mid Trial Update

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This project is proudly supported by the Queensland Government.

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FOGO Flip Day Gatton State School

FOGO Waste Warrior Program celebrates first collection Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) initiative has made its way into our local schools, ensuring this important message is instilled in our youngest community members.

Week 41 FOGO Collection Update- 10 June 2022

Week 41 FOGO Collection Update- 10 June 2022

  • Progress Report 6 September 2021

    Progress report for the Week 2 delivery of FOGO 6 September 2021.

  • FOGO Mid Trial Celebration- February 21st 2022

    Council has diverted a whopping 220 tonnes of compostable waste from landfill at the mid-way point of the FOGO trial. 

    To thank the participants and celebrate our amazing success so far, join us for a free sausage sizzle on Wednesday 2 March at 11.30am.

    While there witness your FOGO at work as it spread onto garden beds at Narda Lagoon Reserve, Laidley. 

    What: FOGO-Mid Trial Celebration

    When: Wednesday. 2 March 2022

    Time: 11.30am to 1pm

    Where: Narda Lagoon Reserve, Laidley


  • FOGO bin and Recycling bin collection

    6 September and every fortnight after

  • Progress Report 30 August 2021

    Progress report for the first delivery of FOGO on 30 August 2021. 


  • FOGO bin and General Waste bin collection

    30 August and every fortnight after

  • FOGO bin collections commence

    On the week commencing 30 August 2021, the FOGO collection will start on your normal waste collection day each week.  At this time, your general waste bin collection will move to fortnightly on the opposite week to your recycling bin.

  • FOGO Wheelie bin delivered

    A 240-litre lime green lidded wheelie bin will be delivered to your home in or around the week commencing 9 August 2021.

  • Kitchen caddies delivered to participants

    A kitchen caddy and a roll of compostable liners will be delivered to your home from the week 9 August 2021 or after.