Fairways Park - Master Plan


  • Update 11 - Detailed design

    Detailed designs for Stage 1 are underway, based on community feedback through previous consultation processes.

    Detailed design includes environmental (land, flora and fauna) considerations, water supply and management, applying for relevant licences to undertake works, engineering designs, electrical requirements, waste management, etc. 

    Council has submitted several grant applications for funding assistance to fast-track Stage 1. 

  • Update 10 - Consultation Report Now Available

    A report on Phase 2 consultation which reviewed the concept designs is now available in the Document Library. 

  • Update 9 - Phase 2 Consultation Closed

    Consultation to review the concept designs has now closed. Community feedback will be reviewed and provided to design consultants for detailed design. Council appreciates your comments and ideas. Thank you! 

  • Update 8 - Consultation Closing This Week!

    Phase 2 consultation - reviewing the Concept Designs - will close this Sunday 29 September.  Complete the survey now to have your say. 

  • Update 7 - Phase 2 consultation

    Phase 2 consultation will include pop-up engagement stands at IGA Hatton Vale, along with online options for locals to have their say on the concept designs.

  • Update 6 - Concept Designs in Process

    Council has engaged an external designer to develop concept plans utilising community feedback from Phase 1 consultation as well site constraints such as environmental and engineering factors. Once concept plans are prepared, they will be made available for feedback in Phase 2 of community consultation. 

  • Update 5 - Phase 1 consultation results now available

    A report on the 1st phase of consultation is now available on the Document Library on this site. The report will also be provided to designers to ensure the community's collective ideas and concerns are considered in proposed designs. Draft designs will be made available to the community for further consultation. 

  • Update 4 - Phase 1 Consultation is now in Review and Analysis

    Phase 1 consultation on this project closed on 31 January. The project team will now review and analyse all feedback received and will  use that to start a high level design of the park. The high level design will focus on the overall type and style of park, and the various zones and how they might interact. In Phase 2 we'll be showing the community the draft designs and seeking your feedback on them, plus a more detailed consultation on specific park furniture and your priorities for which order we construct the zones. Please remember that this is a long-term master plan and construction and completion of the park will occur over 10+ years. 

  • Update 3 - Phase 1 Consultation Ending Soon

    The first phase of consultation, which focuses on the types of uses the community would like to see reflected in the design of the new park, is scheduled to close 31 January 2019. It will then go into an analysis phase where community feedback will be used to prepare initial designs. Further consultation will follow so that the community can review and comment on the proposed designs and provide more detailed ideas. 

  • Update 2 - Keep exploring this site

    This consultation was launched on Friday 30 November at the Hatton Vale State School P&C Christmas Concert & Markets where we had some great conversations about the project. It's great to see people registering online and leaving their ideas on the Wall. Don't forget to explore the other parts of the project website as we ask different questions in different sections. Note that you can vote on other people's ideas in the Idea Wall and pin your ideas on the Interactive concept design. . 

  • Update 1 - November 2018

    29 November 2018

    Council is working with developers to secure an appropriate site for the proposed regional park. 

    Community consultation starts on Friday 30 November at the Hatton Vale State School P&C Christmas Concert and Markets and online.